TKA Taxi

We’re a small company with drive in an exceptional climbing village.  We want to bring you to Talkeetna, but we’ll take you wherever you need to go, safely, on time, and with a laugh.

We have 2 mini vans with cargo trailers, so we can take up to five at a time in each, with plenty of room for your gear.

During the peak climbing and summer seasons, we’re available 24 hours a day by charter.  Our rates are:  $230 for a party up to three for the trip to, or from, Anchorage and Talkeetna, $300 for a party of four, $350 for a party of five, and $65 each for six or more passengers. That works out pretty cheap, for example: ($70 each, if you have five).  Please note: Recent, but small, price increases are to to rises in gas costs. Whatever your numbers, we’ll work with you. We’ll meet you at your curb, on your schedule. Period.

Give us a call.  (907-355-TAXI)

Anchorage < > Talkeetna

Private Shuttle One Way Total
5 people $70 per person $350
4 people $75 per person $300
3 people $80 per person $240
2 people $120 per person $240
1 person Negotiable Call

Same rates apply for:

Talkeetna to Denali National Park and/or
Denali National Park to Talkeetna.